Alloy Towers and Pump Tanks

NORAM SX™ is the trademark for the austenitic stainless steel, UNS S32615, which was developed by Sandvik in Sweden specifically for use in hot concentrated Sulphuric Acid. SX alloy is considered to be the benchmark in sulphuric acid service, with over 25 years of unparalleled performance offering numerous advantages over other materials of construction.

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Development of the SX high-silicon alloy over 25 years ago introduced new possibilities for the design of sulphuric acid towers and pump tanks. The traditional brick lined vessels could be replaced with smaller vessels entirely made out of stainless steel. The First decades were a learning period for the industry. It was recognized that merely relying on the excellent corrosion properties was not sufficient without paying attention to the detailed design and operation of the vessels.

NORAM has learned the lessons from industry well. Utilizing proven materials such as NORAM SX™ and, with carefully improved designs, NORAM SX™ towers and pump tanks offers a safe, reliable and cost-effective solution.

The use of NORAM´s patented HP™ low pressure-drop packing enhances the benefits of the NORAM SX™ towers. The high-performance packing allows for a further reduction of the tower diameter or provides increased capacity. Complemented with a NORAM SX™ acid distributor and tower internals NORAM provides a complete high-performance tower solution.

Compared to traditional brick-lined carbon steel, alloy vessels offer several advantages, particularly for replacement of towers and pump tanks.

The reduced tower diameter, or optional increased capacity reduced pressure drop is an attractive benefit.

· Alloy vessels are considerably lighter, with smaller footprint, reducing the cost    for foundations and facility installation.
· Overall installation time is reduced, circumventing the time required for bricklining.
· Small and medium-size towers and tanks can be shop-fabricated and shipped to site, reducing installation work and shut-down time to a minimum.
· Maintenance, service and inspection is made considerably easier.

The long experience of NORAM together with the proven designs and materials makes NORAM SX™ tower and pump tanks the most effective and reliable choice for new installations and retrofits.