NORAM SX™ Butterfly Valves

Noram SX™ is the trademark for the austenitic stainless steel, UNS S32615, which was developed by Sandvik in Sweden specifically for the use in hot concentrated Sulphuric Ac id. SX steel is considered the benchmark in sulphuric acid service with over 25 years of unparalleled performance offering numerous advantages over other materials of construction.

Type MTV Wafer design
Type MTVL Lugged design
Nominal pressure rate
PN10 and ANSI 150
Nominal size DN 80 – DN 500, ANSI 3” – 20”
DN 450 – DN 750, NPS 18-30
Material  NORAM SX™ Stainless steel alloy
(UNS S32615)

· Advanced triple eccentric design
· Designed for control and shut-off applications
· Tightness class in accordance with

EN 60534-4 Class V or ASME B16-104 Class V as standard
NORAM butterfly valves, are control, on/off and shut-off valves. These
valves are specifically designed for concentrated sulphuric acid at
elevated temperatures.

The valves have an advanced triple eccentric design with a unique disc

The solid seat remains un-affected by high flow velocities and
temperatures. A good valve function is achieved even in difficult

The NORAM valves are delivered ready for installation and operation.
The valve assemblies are delivered factory tested as complete units with
actuators, positioners and accessories.

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