NORAM SX™ is the trademark for the austenitic stainless steel, UNS S32615, which was developed by Sandvik in Sweden specifically for use in hot concentrated Sulphuric Acid. SX alloy is considered to be the benchmark in sulphuric acid service, with over 25 years of unparalleled performance offering numerous advantages over other materials of construction.


The SX material was developed more than 25 years ago and the original high silicon alloy composition still sets the standard as the leading, most proven and versatile material of construction in hot sulphuric acid service.

The corrosion rates for NORAM SX™ are practically nil in the typical operating range of the acid plant circuits. Corrosion properties are equally good for the base material and the welds, also under dynamic conditions.

NORAM SX™ is readily workable and matching welding consumables are available for GTAW, GMAW and SMAW processes.

NORAM SX™ is available from stock in a large variety of forms, such as plate, tube, pipes, fittings, wire, bar and welding consumables.

Approvals: · ASME II, Part D
· ASME VIII, Div 1


The excellent mechanical and corrosion properties, and the range of available forms of material, allows for a rational and cost-effective fabrication of equipment. The extensive experience of NORAM as a major provider of proprietary acid plant technology ensures a safe and reliable design of SX™ acid plant equipment. NORAM SX™ equipment includes:

· Acid Piping, Fittings, Strainers, Vortex breakers, Thimbles, Dip pipes, etc.
· Acid Coolers – without need for anodic protection
· Acid Towers – all alloy, no brick lining required
· Pump Tanks – all alloy, no brick lining required
· Acid Distributors – high-efficiency trough type or cost-effective pipe type