NORAM SX™ Piping

NORAM SX™ is the trademark for the austenitic stainless steel, UNS S32615, which was developed by Sandvik in Sweden specifically for use in hot concentrated Sulphuric Acid. SX alloy is considered to be the benchmark in sulphuric acid service, with over 25 years of unparalleled performance offering numerous advantages over other materials of construction.

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Sulphuric acid piping is a crucial component of any acid plant. NORAM SX™ sulphuric acid piping offers significant advantages over conventional piping systems in terms of reliability, safety and maintenance, resulting in overall cost benefits.

Corrosion rates of NORAM SX™ are practically nil in the typical operating range of the drying and absorption circuits, even at high acid velocities. The resistance to occasional process excursions and upset conditions is also exceptional.

The excellent corrosion properties allows for reduced pipe diameters, since higher acid velocities can be utilized. Wall thickness of the piping systems can be reduced, leading to lighter weight, and easier handling. The life expectancy of the piping system equals the service life of the acid plant itself. Also, the plant performance is improved due to cleaner acid, with considerably reduced corrosion products and sulphate build-up.

NORAM SX™ is easy to weld, work and handle. Flange connections are replaced by welded joints, and the piping system can be prefabricated and easily field erected or modified.

Spare inventory can be dramatically reduced, since pipe spool spares are not required.

The features of NORAM SX™ piping include; long reliable service life, high safety, and low maintenance, resulting in high plant availability at minimum life-cycle cost.

The NORAM SX™ piping has been developed to meet all the specific requirements of a sulphuric acid plant. The components are rated in accordance with ASME as well as EN codes and fabricated with strict quality assurance and extensive testing.

NORAM SX™ standard pipes and fittings are available from stock, or are custom-made. The standard range of pipe and fittings covers sizes from 1” (DN25) to 24” (DN600), with larger sizes available on request.

Special parts such as Strainers, Vortex breakers, Thimbles, Thermo-wells and Dip Pipes are also available.